Hi there, while doing this month's round of updates to MAME and QMC2 0.183, I discovered a problem caused by the previous version of QMC2, v0.71. I'm reporting it in bceause I couldn't see any fixes related to the problem (ZIP handling?) mentioned in the most recent QMC2 Changelog. So this might still be a bug in the current version.
Here's what happened:
During the month before the most recent MAME and QMC2 versions, I had a go at familiarising myself with the ROMAlyzer. Specifically the ROM Collection Rebuilder, to try and learn how it works. The challenge I set myself was to try getting QMC2 to create or update a few ROM sets based on what I threw at it from a certain directory.
Fast-forward to last weekend and I start this month's updates of MAME and QMC2, and also a full scan of my collection using ClrMAMEPro. The CMP scan complains that three ROM sets are corrupt. So I take a closer look and all three were the victims of ROMAlyzer in QMC v0.71.

Here's the first one, as reported by 7Zip:
[Linked Image]
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Here's the second one, as reported by WinRAR:
[Linked Image]
gifs upload

And here's the third one, as reported by WinRAR and including the comment (also present on both of the above) which tells us that QMC2 v0.71 was somehow involved:
[Linked Image]
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Other relevant stuff? This didn't happen with every ROM set that I experimented. Only these three of the dozen or so.

Hopefully it's just a simple fix for you of updating the external ZIP handling libaray that QMC2 uses. Or maybe you fixed it in the current version without me even noticing!
Either way, I thought I should let you know about this.