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@Rik in case you're reading, can you identify the cartridge connections for carts 2,3,5,7? If you can, I'd also like a photo of the 1st page of the question books for verification.
I'll take a look and see what I can find out... I have a bunch of the regular Quiz Wiz cartridges...

Okay, not sure if I'm numbering the pins correctly, but when the cartridge is sitting in it's normal state to use the handheld (the connector on the left side of the case), I'm counting up from the bottom 1, 2, 3, 4... Pin #8 is at the top.
Cart 3: 1+5+6+7 & 2+3+4+8
Cart 4: 1+5+6+7+8 & 2+3+4 (This is also the same as cartridge #10)
Cart 5: 1+2+5+6+7 & 3+4+8
Cart 6: 1+4+6 & 2+3+5+7+8

Pics of first question pages are located here:

I think I have about 20 of the cartridges, so I can through more of them to get them figured out...

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