Okay, here's something I can do quickly/easily (but it's not perfect yet) for the Quiz Wiz question books:


This is the whole book, scanned into a PDF with OCR applied so you can search it if you want.
Problem is I'm using an auto-feed document scanner to scan them, so when it's unstapled and fed into it, the pages aren't in order (but if you wanted to print this and staple it like a magazine, it'll work great...)

Anyone know of an automated way to basically slice these in half and organize them in numerical order? Seems like someone would have developed an easier way to scan an unstapled magazine into individual pages with minimal work... I can probably just output them to .TIFs, set up a Photoshop action to cut/save them and re-import into a PDF... But I was thinking maybe someone had developed an easier way.. smile

At the very least, I can scan them all like this so they _exist_... Page ordering can be done later. smile
(This was scanned at 600dpi, and re-sized to 300dpi to make a 2.4mb file... The original is about 5mb, I can just leave them at 600 if people prefer...)

Also, assuming the OCR worked well, we could just pull straight text out of it and use that instead of PDFs...