Feature Request: Smart Collections.

I do know that advanced filtering of the lists are in the works per the bug tracking site. Is there away to implement an interface that is similar to iTunes Smart Playlists?? If you do not use iTunes, basically when you set up a Smart Playlist you have a screen where you can enter simple queries (and sub queries) based on set categories and operand. The operands change based on the category selected, i.e. categories dealing with numbers will use "equals" "is less than" while text-based categories will use "is" "is not" etc. This is one thing Apple got right with iTunes and would be VERY VERY helpful to filter out the ever growing list in MAME.

Someone culled together what the filter criteria could be and this would be an awesome start. https://sourceforge.net/p/gamesetmatch/wiki/Filter%20Criteria/

Here are screenshots of VERY crude mockups how it could look in the QMC2 interface and the criteria select screen ("modified" from iTunes). This is a sample Smart Collection where >> Show games where Manufacturer contains "Atari", Display is not "LCD" and ROM Type is not Device or Mechanical.

Thanks in advance for consideration.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]