This is an Austrian BTX (i.e. Videotex / Prestel) device that doubles as a home computer ... if you download the software via BTX grin

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This archive contains photos of the mainboard, dumps of the ROMs and a manual ... unfortunately this is for the C2A2's predecessor, the original MUPID.


Here is information about the machine in English:

Some other interesting pages in German:

Unfortunately I don't own the optional Floppy station - a Z80 CP/M box in its own right that used the MUPID only as a terminal and could double as a local BTX server - its good "graphics" capabilities meant that the MUPIDs were often used to develop BTX pages which could be stored and recalled on the floppy station.

BTX servers haven't been active for a long time, so the MUPID is only marginally useful today.

Unless ... someone wrote or developed one smile

Here are the CP/M and Mupid utilities as disk images for the floppy station and the MUDISK utility which you can use to connect a regular (DOS) PC to the MUPID and simulate the floppy station.

My Mupid C2A2 came with its keyboard disconnected which was easily remedied, but another error remains:

If you check this page

you can find a pic of the MUPID's start screen ... my MUPID starts drawing the logo of the Austrian telcom company, then my TV loses sync and I only get red and yellow dots zig-zagging across the screen.

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