So why doesn't the -speed actually speed up the floppy access speed? It seems super slow (much slower than real hardware) w/o -speed and just a little slow with a -speed 10 on the command line. Is this a case of a driver that needs to be tuned, or is there something more systemic in MESS that needs to be addressed?

It also looks like Venix is only seeing 10MB of the 48MB drive (ST-251-1) I've setup, even after partitioning with WUTIL, so I'll have to get to the bottom of that. I think I've seen this on semi-real hardware as well.

And when I boot off the hard drive for Venix after installing, I get a watchdog timer triggering and garbage on the screen. I know there's a stack overflow issue for automatic booting, but this was booting off with the 'W' command. Or is that the issue?

The good news is I can boot Venix 2.0 off floppies, do the install and generally mess around with it, though in a restricted environment. It's going much better than I'd thought it might.

I'll try the BSW enhancements to see if that helps or not.