The site What Is The Apple IIgs? put together a hard disk image of all of MECC's educational software for the Apple II that boots into a menu. Yes, Oregon Trail is included smile

I've converted it to CHD for the CFFA2 card here:!8iRhHbwK!lcOVKK_BTo1wVvQFfRjZmPRgyulEFQisOnmrtUnXKSI

You can run it like so:

mess64 apple2ee -sl7 cffa2 -hard1 MECC.chd

Or if you want to risk some games being a bit fast:

mess64 apple2gs -sl7 cffa2 -hard1 MECC.chd

As a bonus, load times are far, far faster on the CFFA2 than even a mechanical HDD, and it blows floppies out of the water.

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