Since I usually only work in Linux, gcc/clang is the typical tool chain for me. However, I consider to build mame binaries (for a subset of drivers) for Windows also. So I tried Visual Studio ... for the first time, following

On that path, I found some points that are unclear to me.

  • Once you've done that, simply run: make ...

make is not found in the plain cmd. I suppose I have to run win32env.bat in msys64 first, then go to the mame folder.

  • Browse to folder containing solution file and open it with Visual Studio

I have no idea what a solution file is; sorry, utter newbie, as I said. Google said these are files with suffix .sln, so I searched the mame folder for such a file and got 24 of them. The one that sounds most promising, mame.sln, is located in a deep subdirectory (C:\prg\mame\build\projects\windows\mame\vs2015); is that the one to be opened?