This is the Video/keyboard interface, and you can see the similarity with the ITT3030's cards

[Linked Image]

The bus is called "MC-80" in the P2 documentation which also lists its pinout on PDF page 17.

Documentation for the P series as well as disk images for the P3 and P4 can be found here

and here

The P3 ROM images presented here should be taken with a grain of salt, they're 3x8KB, where the documentation states clearly that the P3 only has 4KB, and this is what can be found in my machine.

The BIOS and Chargen ROMs of my P3 along with photos of the cards can be downloaded here:!iZABGbTQ!xh2cRVIpFsyu0NGkghk8P_wS1WMbvYTUS1PFwfb9KnA

Edith says: Don't forget to dump the 8041 keyboard controller!!zEI3HAjY!mzJwXb4yXhJkT101j6LmoFXtUgNaF7HawbpwdoAuTMI

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