DTR and RTS output seem to be controlled entirely by the 808x (with some help by the BIOS). I have no idea how to reconcile that with the Z80DART (or Z80SIO) code. Is it possible the CPU controls these lines independently?

Additionally, the status of the RI, CTS and DSR lines have to be reflected on 808x port 02 ('comm_control_r' in Rainbow.cpp).

Tony Duell's schematics and the 2 stubs we have in RAINBOW.CPP -
Tony Duell's schematics vs. curent code (right)

As always, i could hack my way to success (e.g. patch Windows 1.0.3 to not use the hardware flow control for mouse detection). I better ask and do it 'the MAME way' (darn macros).

Something i can do independently: the serial mouse needs a downgrade to mimic the old MS 2 button mouse protocol ("M" response, no third button, possibly 7 O 1 instead of 7 N 1).

Again, thanks for any hints smile

History would be different if DEC officials had recognized the potential of Windows on their non compatible machine.

GRAPH application on MS Windows 1.0.4 (Rainbow 100 - MESS)

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