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This is another Z80 luggable machine from the 1980's. Its less powerful but essentially similar sibling is the more common Kontron PSI80. Both machines are expandable through ECB cards, the PSI98 has six slots.

The basic characteristics are a Z80 CPU at 4 or 6 MHz, 256K RAM on board in four 64K banks, 4 or 8K PROM, Memory manager for 16MB, Z80 DMA, 64Kx10 Video refresh memory, 2 CTCs (8 counter/timer channels), 16bit PIO, 2 serial channels via SIO, parallel keyboard, RTC, SASI connector (expects an MFM harddisk connected via an Adaptec ACB-4000 SASI=>MFM board), MC6845 video chip, character generator for 256 or 512 characters, alphanumeric and 512x256 pixel graphical display.

Here are the links for photos, manuals, ROMs and disk images, I've uploaded them to the FTP as well.

Kontron PSI98 manuals
Kontron PSI98 ROMs and Media
Kontron PSI98 Photos machine #1 (rfka01)
Kontron PSI98 Photos machine #2 (oldcomputers.dyndns.org)

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