I was using PR#1 along with specifying the ssc and a printer, but for some reason the DIP switches would reset themselves to "Communications Mode" along with "19200 baud". I'd set them to "Printer Mode / 9600" and that would disappear sometimes.

./mame64 apple2e -sl1 ssc -sl1:ssc:ssc_rs232 printer -printout myprintout.bin

What I discovered is that you have to keep specifying the "-sl1 ssc -sl1:ssc:ssc_rs232 printer -printout myprintout.bin" part on the command line.

If you don't, the DIP switches disappear from the UI menus and the next time you specify the ssc, those values will reset themselves to communications mode/19200 and your printout file will be scrambled eggs instead of sunny side up.

Is there a way to specify those settings from the command line?

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