The colours aren't *that* terrible, but not that good either. The main thing is the sky should be blue not green, and the text/player/flag should be white not yellow.

The game is actually quite awful, and I defy anyone to score less than 30 on a hole. When you consider that the putter goes further than an iron, well...

The controls that I've figured out are: keys in the middle row, and ] select different clubs, or Ctrl to cycle through them. Z,X,C,V to rotate the player. Arrow keys to rotate the view. Alt or Space to make a shot. If you hold down Space for a fraction too long, he'll try to hit the ball toward you, nothing happens, and you've wasted a shot.

Player 1 or 2: Home = 1, Backspace = 2
Level 1 or 2: Backslash = 1, End = 2

Enter abandons the hole and goes to the next one.