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far as I can see from the docs, the non-Force boards are
hcpu30	=
	68030, 68882 @ 33 MHz
	68020 -- I/O cpu
	DRAM -- 4 or 16 MB
	PROM -- up to 64 KB
	SRAM -- 8 KB non-volatile or 32 KB volatile
	2xRS232/RS422	$FFFF8120, $FFFF8140
	SCSI		$FFFF8160
	Floppy		$FFFF8260
	Centronics	$FFFF8280
	RTC		$FFFF8100
	Ethernet	$FFFF82A0

Linux port supports CP20, CP30, CP31 and HCPU. Don't know what SysV supports -- there are boot floppies for that, too.

Got a dump from HCPU30 board; what little docs I have leads to this:

[Linked Image]

Going to submit a skeleton of that soon.