Just came across this while searching around on the internet and thought it was cool: A demo of Captain Pixel which ran on a "flippy card" that had a TMS 34010 and had interfaces to the Apple II and IBM PC.

According to the description:

Published on Jul 17, 2007
This was an interactive graphics demonstration that ran on the 34010 S.D.B. (software development board) and the TMS34010 "Flippy".

The "Flippy" was a 34010 graphics card with an Apple // compatible edge connector on one side and a PC compat. connector on the other. There was a machine specific "loader" module for each platform but a single executable. "Flippy" code was cross platform compatible because the actual application executed on the 34010.

Captain Pixel went on to have two offspring: Captain Comic for the PC by Michael Denio and a version of Captain Comic for the NES that Mike and I collaborated on.

This video does not have audio...