Natural keyboard mode isn't enabled by default, you have to use -natural on command line or go into the menu and switch it on. It works a lot better than it used to provided the PORT_CHAR declarations for the driver are done properly. It also performs a bit better in 0.190 than it did before, as I eliminated an O(n) lookup, but the speed at which it generates keystrokes is still pretty conservative, as it has to work with some slow systems.

I had a quick look at the apple2e driver and it seems to have the wrong PORT_CHAR for a few keys, as though it was quickly copy/pasted from the Apple II+ and not fully updated (Apple II+ uses a "bitshift" style layout, while Apple IIe uses a "typewriter shift" style layout). I'm not going to mess with trying to make control keys work in natural mode, as that's problematic, but I've tried to at least fix the shifted digits and arrow keys in natural keyboard mode with 64ac8e4. I've only tried fixing the US Apple IIe and variants, not the UK, French and Spanish versions.

Note that the Apple II drivers are set up to translate uppercase letters to unshifted letter keys for natural keyboard/UI paste/keypost. If you type/paste/post lowercase letters, it will press the emulated shift key when typing each one.