Both my Alphatronic P2's cases are cracked, so I'll link you to a more esthetically pleasing example:

helwie44's site I linked to earlier is all about the P2.

The P2's are evolutionary predecessors to the P3 with the boards and the keyboard in a single case. Mine are "straight" P2's, no P2S (2x320K disks) or P2U (2x320K disks, 64K RAM), so they've just got 48K RAM, no bankswitching involved, and 2x160K floppy disk drives, 40 tracks, 16 sectors/track, 256 bytes/sector.

Here are photos, ROM dumps and disk images for the P2 (also on the FTP).

I've redacted my PR for the P3, reducing superfluous ROM loading and added the dumps for my two P2's.
It's nice to see how the machines evolved, from concentrating RAM on one board instead of three to editing the font from using quaint serifs like on the "T" of RESET to a non-serif font.
That later char ROM crops up again on the early P3 then.

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