With my current pull request for the Alphatronics, I've added sound - port 0x12 was always present on the error log.
The beeper is working well, I've adjusted the frequency by ear, and if you boot the file wordstar170.imd from this
archive, things look fine apart from the case of the doubled characters from the keyboard.

I will get the ROM labels for the three machines not dumped by myself, so in preparation for that I've split the concatenated ROMs to match the others.
This has uncovered TA's mix-and match approach for the three ROMs via the checksums smile

If you boot the other disk image, sys3-25.imd, the beep is much lower in pitch, and you get treated to non-stop white noise.

The P2's 8085 unfortunately runs into a halt after showing the RESET message.

P30's 8088 board seems to be communicating via ports 0x08 and 0xff.

crazyc, if you could please give us another nudge in the right direction, I'd be most grateful smile

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