Hello mates (especially Helmut and Robert),

I'd want to join you. Two years ago I tried to make a P1/P2 emulator by myself, but I had to strip i down due to time constraints, and it was my final project as a simple 8085 emulator.
Originally Posted by "rfka01"
The P2's 8085 unfortunately runs into a halt after showing the RESET message.
When you mean a halt you mean the instruction HLT? If it is, then it is waiting an INT, maybe some kind of ack signal froma another card module. Decompiling the ROM may give some kind of clue.

Whenever I had time I will send you both my MOS and char ROMs (Helmut taught me to extract them, but I lost the copies on a HDD malfunction a year ago). I think my MOS was same as Helmut's, but my char ROM is Spanish.
If you are interested, I think where you could find a US version ROMs, but it will require some research.

See you,