ISSUE: MAME as of 0.162 crashes with dual screen and D3D enabled simultaneously.
Message: No Driver Loaded [____empty]

Using MAME with dual monitor and Marquee artwork on 2nd screen. Run flawlessly up to MAME 0.161.
Now updated to MAME 0.192 and it crashes when enabled dual monitor (numscreens = 2) and D3D video acceleration.
On MAME 0.192 it works using single screen with D3D or using dual monitor with DDRAW/GDI/OpenGL.

After tests with other MAME versions I figure out the crashes occurs as of MAME 0.162 (after MAME/MESS merged).

Found issues in the web reporting MAME "No driver Loaded" and black screen for different reasons. Tried all posted solutions but no lucky so far.

Hardware used:
- AMD bulldozer
- Video AMD Radeon 7850 (Both monitors plugued on Radeon video card ports. Primary using DVi and Secondary using HDMI)
- O.S.: Windows 7 Ultimate; using latest AMD video drivers.
- CONTROLS: IPAC Ultimate I/O; ULTIMARC U360 joys; G27 wheel