crt5027 iirc is also used on the xerox notetaker, and it needs the vblank, hblank and odd/even pins to be emulated to work properly. Currently we only do vblank (and maybe hblank), which causes major issues since the odd/even field pin is used as an interrupt source on the notetaker.

The Odd/even pin when in interlaced mode stays active for one field and inactive for the next field (and each field is only displaying the odd or even lines).
In non-interlaced mode, the odd/even pin is the lsb of the scanline number, so it inverts every scanline.
I guess technically the odd/even pin is ALWAYS the lsb of the scanline number, just the scanline is incremented by 2 in interlaced mode, and 1 in non-interlaced mode.

The notetaker uses the interlaced mode.


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