I have been contacted by user friol who has seen my posts on a German forum about my Olympia BOSS. I was trying to get more information about that rare machine before posting here, but so far nothing came along apart from the huge boat anchor that's currently residing in my basement. Didn't want to overload the MAME devs either ;-)

[Linked Image]

The thing is a massive Z80 machine with an integrated harddisk that uses Prologue. The harddisk is on the fritz, and unfortunately I have neither bootdisks nor documentation. Another user on the German VzEkC forum wanted to add his machine's ROMs but didn't follow through yet. I'll ping him again.

The BOSS line of machines was comprised of four or five models with little compatibility between them due to different floppy formats and CPUs (8085 vs. Z80).


Before the harddisk died, I managed to read it via my MFM emulator board, and here (and on the FTP) are are the ROMs as well. The archive is rather large due to the inclusion of two read attempts of the harddisk.
I hope friol can create an initial driver that garners enough interest for others to contribute their hard- and software!

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