I was allowed to dump disks and ROMs from a very special Alphatronic P1 ... sn#00001 that used to be the office PC during the 80s in a shop in my hometown:


[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

If you go by the books, the P1 is a cost reduced version of the P2 with only 32K upper RAM and only one 160K flopy drive. According to the owner, this specimen already came topped up to 48K and was later treated to a second floppy drive. helwie44 thinks it might be a rebadged SKS KISS or a preproduction unit. Note the TV modulator and the connector for a cassette player, which my P2s don't have.

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

Photos, MOS dumps and a dump of the character ROM are on the FTP and here.

One of the two disk dumps has loads of read errors, but boots the BASIC and FOKO disk utility fine. The other one points to a preproduction unit again, as it is an 80K, single sided, SINGLE density disk. It doesn't boot at the moment in the P2 emulation.

I've added the P1 ROMs to the driver, using the P2 keyboard ROM as I wasn't equipped to read a 1702A keyboard ROM on the day. The MOS comes up, but seems to receive constant keypresses from the "wrong" keyboard ROM.

I'll revisit the P1 once I can reliably dump 1702A's and bring my Kryoflux (and maybe a working P2) to obtain a better copy of the damaged disk.

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