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Hi Vas, I was testing [gladiatr] and couldn help to turn a blind eye on a bug on the driver. As soon as the game boots and do the RAM/ROM checks it starts with a credit inserted. IDK where I can post bugs (if there's a bug report system). This bug was introduced in mame 0.182.

I know that. You should search MAME testers and github issues for an existing report. The MCU code we have is weird, and obviously has various things hacked out of it, including RAM/register initialisation. It looks like the kind of thing you'd find on a bootleg, but more than one person has insisted they've found this MCU program on genuine boards. Because the MCU code doesn't initialise its registers and onboard RAM on boot, it starts with whatever MAME initialises it to. This happens it start up thinking it has one inserted credit it needs to tell the game program about.