Many thanks to all wonderful developers of these historical computers - which were originally developed from the "developer-forge" sks "Steinmetz-Krischke-Systems" from Karlsruhe.

Basis was the MC80 BUS with the systems sks "KISS", then TA Alphatoronic P1 / P2, P3, P30 to company HELL, Kiel DS2069 and others like sks nano 2500 and the ITT3030.

The first test result:
[Linked Image from wiertalla.de]
test 512 kB RAM and ckockfreq. 100 kHz

My test to the P30 MSDOS with the clock to my old documents (thanks of rfka01 for the upload) is apparently with the CLOCKDRIVER on 100 kHz perfect results.
Whether this other side effects, I have not yet tested.
Incidentally, I have for me in the. Cpp code simply set to a 8088 memory of 512 Kb.

I hope an active (hardware P30 machine, Germany) user ("netmercer" FORUM Germany) could bring us some MSDOS 2.0 programs to the TA MSDOS format and make ourselves available.

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