Background for the star - label - EPROM from the DS2069 CPU card

Thanks for the careful collection of the data view device of the company Dr. Ing. Ing. Rudolf HELL, Kiel Germany. The company name does not mean in German meaning as in English.
I also made the EPROM with the star label an adaptation for the company, in order to first use the BASF 6108 floppy disk drives with the successor floppy disk drives for PANASONIC JU 455-5. Today I still jut myself 455-5 drives in the DS 2069 or in an Alphatronc P2U.
In MAME / MESS, it would be welcome to implement help for an INT 7.5 (8085), for example, only in the alphatronic P2 / or P2U. The keyboard actually processes in the DS2069,
only via the interrupt 7.5.