Not to sure where to post this, but this seems like a good place.

One of the members of the Apple /// Facebook group, Madeleine, has noticed an issue in the Apple /// emulation when writing to floppy images. This was noticed when trying to use MAME to help speed up some A3 driver development. After a few operations writing to the disk, then some corruption happens and the disk image will not work anymore.

It is easily reproducable and looks like its been there for quite some time, the current 0.196 has it, and looks like back to 0.158, but 0.153 is ok.

You can test and reproduce with the following disk image:

1. Boot the dsk image mounted as flop1
2. type 'load volumes' (read a basic program to save in)
3. repeat saving the same file many times 'save volumes1', 'save volumes2' ..etc
4. Error can occur after 1 or 2 times, or may take quite a bit more. Looks like you can get two things that happen when the write errors occur
- ?VOLUME NOT FOUND - then the disk directory blocks seem trashed, you can see this if you open up the dks image in ciderpress using the block viewer
- ?I/O ERROR - cannot save after this, but can do a CATALOG but this shows errors. Again, I think the directory sector is trashed some how.

I'm wondering if someone can have a look at why this might be happening?