Thanks, you've put up a great online resource there!

Being a relative Unix noob, i can't find a way to partition disks from inside the VENIX boot disk.

Disk 1 never touches the hard disk in MAME, or initializes the WD2010 controller. Weird.

Startup should begin with a file system check, right?

Guess i have to edit 'inittab' (or sth. similar)...?

The only complete documentation i found is the Programmer Reference Manual for the Pro - hardly a good reference for end users. smile

BTW, you should be able to boot from the - supposedly - lost partition after the following source patches (last 2 lines before ENDIF).

Dump the WUTIL version with the 513 byte boot sector (LDX) and use regular v3.2 from the archives then. You'll see the WUTIL boot menu if everything is set up correctly.

893 	uint8_t *rom = memregion("maincpu")->base();
894  ... 
89X rom[0xf4000 + 0x03d8] = 0x00; // - - - - - unblock BIOS auto boot 
89Y rom[0xf4000 + 0x8aa] = 0x01; // - - - - - JMP FAR 0000:1000 (could be a Rom bug)
89Z #endif
Still hope to get things fixed in MAME/MESS - where a speedup of 4 times relative to an original Rainbow is feasible (startup params -nothrottle -frameskip 10).

For the record: a newly introduced UI bug prevents keyboard reassignments on the emulated LK-201 (it definitely worked in 0.186)

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