You should be able to boot vbswx1.flp. It's a copy of the 'recovery' disk that's been enhanced to recognize any winchester drive size. The vxfer*flp disks will work too, but are the simple version and only recognize an RD51 10MB drive (or at least, it assumes it's a RD51, regardless of what it really is). has basics. The BSW stuff is a little different, but not that different. Mostly, it requests more disks at the end of the process to load the enhancements from BSW. I think that it's decent. I have no power right now, but if it's not so good, I'll walk through things on MESS and post screen shots. has some more details as well, though the xhomer project linked from there seems to be off the air.

I'd love to have a faster MAME/MESS rainbow running as well.

Hmmm, I'll have to run through what I've done in the past... there's a step to create the raw image, wutil it with a venix partition, marking it bootable, then booting venix restore...

../git/mame/mame64 rainbow -flop1 ~/git/venix/dist/rb/vbswx1.flp

gives me a screen that asks if I want to format the Winchester Drive then gives me an error because I don't have a hard dive connected.... I'll try to write more later.

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