I prefer to simply change settings in mame.ini which can accomplish exactly what you want without involving QMC2 when it comes to this type of preference.

There's a few different options depending on which video mode you use.

-video bgfx -bgfx_screen_chains hlsl

bgfx_path                 bgfx
bgfx_backend              auto
bgfx_debug                0
bgfx_screen_chains        hlsl
bgfx_shadow_mask          slot-mask.png
bgfx_avi_name             auto

There's a lot of different chains you can mess around with. Check what's in your chains folder (MAME\bgfx\chains)
MAME also has the ability to switch different chains while the emulation is running. You can TAB into slider controls and change effects which will cycle through different chains.

If you use -video d3d then you can enable hlsl which allows you to use DIRECT3D POST-PROCESSING OPTIONS

There's also options available if you use -video opengl, but those don't ship with MAME and need to be sourced elsewhere.