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Working on Apple disk support in SAMdisk -- this is a (probably cracked) Datasoft Conan disk

Before Conan rides his horse across the bottom of the screen, does the uninterruptible music play? If not, then it's the crack from BITD.
If so, then it's likely to be 4am's crack. The original won't boot from any .dsk-style format.

Depending on your intention, you might want to use my 1-sided ProDOS-based version instead. It fixes the game-crashing bug in level 6.

It's not 4am crack - disk pile is too old for that. Speaking of disk piles, a group in Bulgaria dumped their copy-protected disk pile into a custom format (via http://forum.agatcomp.ru//viewtopic.php?id=158)
This is the output of a sampler running on 100 MHz clock. File is just stream of 16-bit words,
little endian. So each sample is with a resolution of 10 ns. No further structure.

Short Apple II program "scans" 36 tracks, including the quarter tracks in-between. Total should be
141. The board just captures (passively) the RD signal from the floppy drive. Each track is
scanned about 8 times. That's why the huge size.

Each sample denotes the width of a pulse (the time period between two pulses), so in a way:

- value about 400 (4 us) is bitstream "1"
- value about 800 (8 us) is bitstream "01"
- value about 1200 (12 us) is bitstream "001"

And samdisk can sort of read that now. One sample dump is normal dos 3.3 disk, another is (probably uncracked) Autoduel disk -- first track uses non-standard epilogues (AF 5x xx).