Hi There! I've tried the Mescaline Synesthesia demo when connecting my ZX Spectrum +2 to a old 14" CRT TV. I observed same amount of flicker during the raster sections and during the still images. The still images also appear to have lines on them. I took some pics and have added them to my ZX 128+2 Testing album.

In summary, I've now run this demo on the following setups:
- My Contended Memory modified version of MAME with an 27" LCD screen.
- An actual ZX spectrum 128k+2 with a 42" Plasma screen screen (Aerial input).
- An actual ZX spectrum 128k+2 with a 14" CRT TV (Aerial input).
and the Mescaline Synesthesia demo runs/looks the same regardless of the setup. So from MAME's point of view, I think it is emulating this demo perfectly (and I think this demo, despite being ported from the Pentagon to the ZX Spectrum, will never look as good on any Spectrum as it does on the Pentagon). Case closed smile

Also, just wondered if anyone has had a chance to try out my contended memory modifications I committed to my github branch a while back?

Many thanks! smile

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