I received several requests on how to set up Windows 1 on the Rainbow-100 B, so let me share some info.

First, it seems that DEC Windows for the Rainbow was never offically endorsed / released and the main SETUP is missing from all archives. The whole thing looks like a hard-wired, runtime version of Windows.

We haven't figured out how to connect a serial mouse (neither with 1.03 nor with the older version floating around). This is consistent with the Rainbow FAQ. There could be a dongle involved.

I believe it was on port #1 (not the crippled serial printer port) and hardware handshake is necessary (-> FDXB mode in SET UP).

The keyboard [cursor keys + Enter] may be used to move the mouse, but that's not really pleasant... smirk

Windows 1.03 -for DEC Rainbow- had the serial Microsoft Mouse hard coded in the main executable (the 2-button version).

The older Windows release 1.02 (or was it 1.01...?) had an unemulated, proprietary 'DEC serial mouse' built-in [basically a reprogrammed Logitech C-7 mouse].

Mouse drivers from older archives are PC-specific and thus useless (dissamblies show Windows *.DRV files poke PC - I/O ranges not valid on the Rainbow).

Here are some hints to get Windows working - somehow

You'll need a hard disk loaded with MS-DOS 3.1x from Suitable Solutions (think so) and the 7220 Color Graphics Expansion (i don't have), as well as >= 128 K RAM (more is better).
The 7220 Graphics Card can be enabled via DIP switches in emulation. You'll have to choose one of the 'side-by-side' configurations in 'video options' (so you'll see 2 screens, one for text, one for graphics).

1) Bsdimp put up a repository of a 'cleaned' version (version 1.03 minus useless *.DRV driver files):

Decompress the files on a DEC hard disk to folder C:\WINDOWS. Hard disk must be enabled before boot.

2) start the game 'pacman.zip' (and quit / F10) ... before you start Windows 1. This is an unresolved initialization bug in our graphics card emulation

Otherwise a blank screen appears with unresponsive controls.

AJR fixed the serial interface (in MAME/MESS >= 0.196) after my Windows experiments - so things might have improved (from an emulation perspective).

I tried to debug the case without success, so i'd be really happy if someone figures out what inhibits the first Windows start (see 2) or how to exactly set up a mouse.


P.S.: an updated introductory PDF (-> covers non-obvious steps like the complicated MS-DOS 3.x setup):
Dropbox link: First steps with the DEC Rainbow 100-B (April 2018 edition)
[April 2018 edition]

Windows 1.x + 2.x Apps

PC-centric history about Windows 1 (Premiere Edition)

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