The character generator of an ITT2020 was dumped by a guy on the German vintage computer forum. He claims the dump came from a 2732 EPROM and contained a German and an US char set. My machine has a RO 2513 char ROM. Could someone please check if the dump is sane?

My ITT2020 is not operational atm, it seems to have memory problems as booting disks is hit and (mostly) miss. Even the original ITT2020 disk from the Asimov archive doesn't boot.
I have a functioning //e with disks and a SSC, so if there's a way to transplant the chargen ROM and read it out via the //e, I'm game.

Apart from the disks from Asimov, the char gen ROM and some documentation, the archive on the FTP and here contains ITT2020 cassette dumps that were posted by a guy on comp.sys.apple2 but seem to have disappeared since.

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