Hello all.

I made most of the Apple-1 .wav files quite some time ago for MESS. I'm here to post one more for the software list (if anyone is interested adding it).

I finished this way back in 2012 but never got around to submitting it.

Full Credit goes to Jeff Tranter for the hex dump. jefftranter.blogspot.com

Enhanced Basic 2.22

Enhanced Basic 2.22 .wav

Enhanced Basic 2.22 - load at 5000.78B0R enter at 7825R
(Note: Press Enter when prompted for "Memory size?".)

Load ebasic.bin in Mame debuger:

- bin file should be in Mame directory
- load ebasic.bin,5000
- type "go" in debugger without quotes
- x out of debugger
- type 7825R in Mame to run program

Thank you Robbbert for teaching me how to load .bin files.

Updated hex dump: Updated Enhanced Basic 2.22 hex dump
5000R runs the program (already in the dump at the end of the hex). Just copy and paste and hit enter when finished.
I'll make a .wav for this in the near future.

P.S. Sorry for all the edits.

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