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I have many more dumps I would like to submit (maybe not the correct way), but unless this issue is resolved, my future contributions to Mame is over.

If this can not be resolved, so be it. It's up to you.

I don't understand what a "resolution" is here.
Just Desserts can answer that question.

If you're trying to extract an apology out of Ryan you'll fail. You can either contribute if you think it has some value to the project, or not contribute, unfortunately those are the choices you have.
I see R Belmont had to edit your post due to 'further personal insults". Interesting.

On topic.

(1) My goal was to try and resolve this matter with Just Deserts.This is where I failed.

(2) Just Deserts is all grow up. He (or it she?) can speak for himself. If he is man enough to throw insults at me, then he should be man enough to address me directly on that matter.

(3) I set the terms here, not you. My terms were either to have this issue resolved with Just Deserts, and if it could not be resolved I would no longer contribute to Mame. The issue has not been resolved, therefore I will no longer contribute to Mame. No skin off my back. It's that simple.

I'm sure more toxic comments (that have not be edited) are coming my way, so I'll be on my way.


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