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That said, Darkstar and most others have a point, you're showing yourself to have an equally bad attitude, those who care about contributing contribute, because they're doing it for the value it has to the documentation of our computing history which is why projects like MAME and archive.org were formed. If you want to punish every other person on the planet because you dislike how one person treated you then that I'm afraid is your problem.

I actively dislike a number of the team members because I feel that they're bad for the project, but since I have skills to write code, I write it, because who knows, I might get hit by a bus tomorrow, and in the end what I think of them matters a lot less than the value the project has to human history.
I'll put together the most complete apple-1 software collection available (for the cassette interface), and give it to Mame when finished. I can't give a date, as this will take some time.