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I'll put together the most complete apple-1 software collection available (for the cassette interface), and give it to Mame when finished. I can't give a date, as this will take some time.

Thanks! That'll be a good opportunity to check out the Apple 1 - so far it was too bare metal for me.
Don't get too excited. The Apple-1 'kit computer' had a very short life (April 11, 1976 - September 30, 1977), so the available software is rather sparse. Apart from "official" Apple-1 programs (from Apple Computer Co.) a good majority of the software came from enthusiasts. Homebrew software was common in this era as computers were mostly for hobbyists.

I plan to put together all the known software for the Apple-1. However, I'm not entirely confident I will be able to convert all the programs into a .wav format. I'll see what I can do for Mame.