I am glad the mouse is now working in Windows 1.03 (from the Bsdimp repository). Thanks to all!

Unfortunately some of the recent changes (aroundb / on / after August 1st 2018) had a negative side effect on 720 K (PC style) floppies.

Now get 'Illegal seek error' (with impossible track numbers in range 80 - 120 decimal) when i try to access a PC formatted 720 K DD image...

Also, the Winchester test (test #16 on the diagnostic disk) does now crash violently after subtest 6 or 7 - while it worked well in 2015 - when i first made screenshots. smile

Test image (with PC/foreign diskette driver installed):

I suspect the floppy / or hard disk handlers in the Rainbow-100 are no longer correctly wired -

Technically, pc_dsk, flopimg or harddriv could be the culprit.

Following changes stick out:

wd_fdc: Convert line handlers to READ/WRITE_LINE_MEMBER (AJR):

wd_fdc: Simplify API. Plus some collateral damage [O. Galibert]:

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