Have you Apple II guys heard about the VidHD from the apple II wizard John Brooks?

It outputs 1080p video and has some interesting text mode abilities like HD text modes: 40x24, 80x24, 80x45, 120x67, 240x135.

A few tidbits from the discussion on google groups:

Yes, the mirroring was only to easily demo at kfest the equivalent number of 80x24 text pages usable in each extended text mode.

The normal mode stores text in aux mem at $2000-$9E90 (240x135 chars).

The feature set at launch will be aimed at displaying existing Apple II video modes via HDMI and also adding three high-resolution 1080p text modes:

1) 80 x 45 (24x24 font)
2) 120 x 67 (16x16 font)
3) 240 x 135 (8x8 font)

> Also, I gathered from the video that you were accessing some type of
control panel. How is that accessed?

The VidHD control panel is currently activated by pressing Ctrl-^ (Ctrl-6) in any app. VidHD watches the CPU bus for a read of Ctrl-^ from $C000. When this happens, VidHD pauses the CPU, takes over the bus, reads the keyboard, and runs the control panel UI.

From the control panel screen, when the user presses return (to accept changes), or esc (to cancel), VidHD restores the active AppleII video display and the AppleII CPU is released to continue running.

BTW: I stumbled on one other undocumented Apple //e mode while making VidHD, which I forgot to include in the slides:

1KB 4-color 280x48 mode!

You enable double-lores, but then disable 80 column mode. IE, lores graphics mode with AN3 on.

It's cool because it's partial hires in only 1KB.

And yes, VidHD includes this crazy 280x48 mode and 4-color hires too.


Google groups discussion about the VidHD:


Youtube videos:

Kansas Fest 2018

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