Thanks for updating it, the font loading does looks like its working well now.

One other thing I noticed with Atomic Defense is the speech is quite quick in emulation compared to the real thing. (sorry to keep banging on about this game.. :-) )

I did a quick bit of investigation with a logic analyser. When the Video display is on, the Apple3 downshifts to 1MHz for each scan line, and then upshifts back to 2MHz for the blanking period. I can see that this impacts the overall effective speed quite a bit. And can also see why they built the function in the console driver to be able to turn off the display when you wanted it to run faster for raw processing power. I did a quick hack to set the clock to 1.5Mhz, and then the speech sounds much more like on the real metal. When set like this though, Atomic defense does not seem to run well with the smooth scroll, so seems its needs this up/down clk speed emulated correctly when the display is on. I suppose the code is relying on 2Mhz clk to get as much done in the blanking time as possible.

One other observation is that the ram refresh also causes the downshift to occur, so the A3 never really gets the full 2Mhz speed :-(.

Some pics from my logic analyser if you are interested. CH1 is PH0 from the processor, CH2 is VBL, and CH3 is BL