Thanks for your quick fix and dedication. Much appreciated. I have been playing with WOZ images recently and hitting a bunch of games.

- HERO behaves the same on multiple machines including online at <a href="">WOZ HERO</a>
- Hard Hat Mack will register multiple key presses for each jump, making it hard to play. You can press down to cancel the extra jump. I don't remember having to do that on the Apple II back in the day.
- Swashbuckler has frequent random graphics corruption (lines) during play. I've seen at least one other game that also had the same graphics corruption.

One other thing. Is there a way to cycle power for Apple II in MAME without restarting MAME? F3 does a soft reset and will reset to game menu or apple prompt. It would be nice to be able to power off / on the Apple within the emulator.

Thanks again... and no demands for fixes, just enthusiasm.