Wow. I'm not following this thread that I started yesterday-- I guess I have to figure-out how to get an email sent to me when someone posts to this thread. I checked-in on the thread just now and there is already a patch for 2000-baud tape support for MAME? That's crazy. I have to try it. Now, where do I download a work-in-progress?

Someone commented that a bounty can send the wrong idea to the community. I think I understand exactly where you're coming from. I guess if bounty's became the only reason that people worked on MAME then the whole project would be stalled. Yet, people in the Astrocade community have asked, on and off, for tape support in MAME since around 2001. The astrocade was never released out side the U.S. and it barely made a blip, so it wasn't high on anyone's priority list. I figured a bounty might help get the ball rolling.

Oh, and certainly I'll pay the $100 bounty that I offered after I try out the emulation. Even if it's not perfect, then it's possible that just a start is enough to get others interested in getting it to work 100%. There are other posts in this thread that I plan to answer, if I have time, before the weekend is over.

I really can't believe a bounty got anyone's attention at all. Thanks!