Heya BallyAlley. I'm assuming you're running a 64-bit version of Windows. If that's the case, I've compiled a single-driver version of MAME and uploaded it here:

You'll also need to update astrocde.xml in the "hash" subdirectory. You can find the updated version here:

If you're running 32-bit Windows, let me know and I'll spin up a 32-bit build for you. Please refer to my post earlier in the thread for the proper syntax on how to run AstroBASIC from the software list. For reference, the ROM image contained in the relevant .ZIP file should have a CRC32 of 70514687 (in hex).

Lastly, the version that I uploaded contains some of my current work in progress, which is properly slot-ified controller ports, rather than emulating the Astrocade as always having four controllers plugged in. This is something that will be necessary in order to emulate the 300-baud tape interface. By default a joystick is connected to controller port 1, and to plug in additional controllers you can specify "-ctrl2 joy", "-ctrl3 joy", or "-ctrl4 joy" to plug a joystick into the relevant ports.

Once the 300-baud tape interface emulation is functional, you will be able to plug it in using "-ctrl3 cassette". If you use the "-listslots" option, you will note that that attachment is already available, but it is currently non-functional for unknown reasons.