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"The Vending machine unit is basically a larger version of it, and it has a normal chip in it:
NEC D7502G 139
Is that one that can be dumped non-destructively? I can probably loan that out if it's dumpable..."

That's uCOM-75, kevtris hasn't found out yet how to dump these.

So... I did things kind of out of order here. While looking for more G&W stuff (you guys have got me on an LCD kick now), I stumbled upon the handheld "Catch a Coke" thing, and read up on everything I could find for it... except this thread. Made an offer to someone for the handheld version... he wanted too much, so I skipped out on it. Next day, I see the auction for the full machine one, mentioned in this thread from almost three years ago. Made an offer on that one, and then I see the original mention in this thread. Guy accepted the offer, so it would be rude to back out.

I figure this way, Rik doesn't need to sacrifice his for dumping needs, if dumping it requires destructive methods. Would Sean still be the person to send this to? Or someone else? Would also need the backdrop scanned, and the front face of the machine scanned.

RELAX and just have fun.
Remember, it's all about the games. smile