I have now successfully saved an "AstroBASIC" program from MAME as a WAV file and loaded it onto a real Astrocade.

The program was a simple "HELLO, WORLD!" three-line BASIC program. After the file was saved, I trimmed the beginning and end silence from the WAV that was created from MAME. I then loaded that WAV file without any modifications onto my real astrocade. It worked fine and didn't give me a "?" (question mark), which would have indicated a checksum error upon loading the program.

I wanted to make sure that the WAV file from MAME also could be processed properly using the 2000-baud digital archive programs for "AstroBASIC." I ran the WAV file created in MAME through BallyBin/AstroWAV 1.4 and it was processed without any errors. I then loaded the digitally archived output from AstroWAV onto my Astrocade without any issues. There were no issues at all.

What should I check now?