Michael Di Salvo, on the BallyAlley Yahoo group, suggests this update to the astrocade MAME driver:


Its too bad we couldn't have gotten support for the bankswitched cart added to MAME - that would have been awesome. I'm sure it would have made a difference for Michael Garber to be able to test his game engine and any demos in MAME without having to flash to the cart all the time.

We probably could have gotten more people interested in the cart and its capabilities and maybe gotten some more carts into programmers hands to play around with.

I know its been 8 years now and we've all moved on from that project but I still think about what a 512k game on the Astrocade could have been like...


Michael is referring to his cartridge, which made made in very limited numbers:


More information about how it works is on BallyAlley.com, here:


More specifically, here is the memory map for this cartridge:


This suggestion is probably a little far-out, but it would have been VERY useful when this cartridge was in development.