Install IRIX 5.3 onto an emulated Silicon Graphics INDY (using MAME 0.207)

1) Get the software ready:

a) Be sure you have the correct Machine in your roms folder; "". It's for a Silicon Graphics, Indy with a MIPS R4600 CPU.

b) Get the Install IRIX 5.3 install CD-ROM disc image (IRIX 5.3). I renamed the .img file as "IRIX5.3forIndyR4400175MHz.iso" to make the later commands simpler.

c) Make a blank 8 GB Hard Drive using the chdman utility with this command:
chdman createhd -f -o irix8gbHD.chd -s $[8192*1048576]

I put all three files (zip, iso and chd) in my "roms" folder to make the later commands simpler.

2) Boot the machine using the CD-ROM image, and mount the Hard Drive. The command I used also sets MAME into windowed mode (with the default resolution of an INDY system) to make it easier to move back and forth between the tutorial and MAME. I'm using a Mac laptop, so I use "fn" + "delete" key to partially escape the emulated keyboard. Then I can "command" + "tab" to switch between apps. Double check this function in the MAME docs for your system, so you do not get locked into the emulation keyboard with no way to escape.

Replace <PATH TO MAME FOLDER> with your correct path:

<PATH TO MAME FOLDER>/mame64 ip224613 -cdrom <PATH TO MAME FOLDER>/roms/IRIX5.3forIndyR4400175MHz.iso -harddisk <PATH TO MAME FOLDER>/roms/irix8gbHD.chd -window -nomaximize -resolution 1280x1024

You will see the Welcome to INDY screen, then a warning will say "unable to boot" press "continue" (probably means the HD has no system yet). You will then see the main CD-ROM interface with 6 buttons.

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3) Click the Enter Command Monitor button (or press 5)

setenv -f eaddr 08:00:69:12:34:56

Then click "done"

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4) Enter Command Monitor again (or press 5)

Initialize the HD. In Command Monitor type this command:

boot -f dksc(0,6,8)sashARCS dksc(0,6,7)stand/fx.ARCS

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it will ask if you want all options. Type:

It will prompt you, just follow its suggestions:
fx: "device-name" = (dksc) <press enter>
fx: ctlr# = (0) <press enter>
fx: drive# = (1) <press enter>

It will create default sgilabel, boot info, partitions, and volume directory then present a menu with options.
Type "exit". It will ask to save changes, type "yes"

5) Click the "Install System Software" button (or press 2)
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"Local CD-ROM" will be selected by default, click the "Install" button
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An Alert will say "Insert the Installation CD-ROM now." It's already mounted so just click "Continue"

You will see a Copying Installation tools to disk progress bar.
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A console will load and you will be asked to make a new file system. type "yes". It will prompt you to format the other partition/s keep saying "yes"
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After several minutes you will see "Invoking software installation." and a menu with 12 choices.
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At the prompt Inst> type "4" <enter> for install. It will check sizes then ask which subsystem. type "all" <enter>
At the prompt Inst> type "go" <enter>

It will check sizes for a good long while(10min?)


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