Install IRIX 5.3 onto an emulated Silicon Graphics INDY (using MAME 0.207) Continued

Then installation will begin with a %

Took about 1.5 hrs to install

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It will ask if you want to install from another CD, type "quit" and the installer will build dynamic libraries for a while.

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It will then ask to restart, type "y"

After reboot

click "root" icon and click login. There is no password set.

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When shutting down, a notice will appear:
"The system is shutting down.
Please wait"
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It never progresses, so the system doesn't shut down cleanly. You will need to use your escape key to close the emulation. It will repair itself on next boot(usually). Make a backup of the drive before you use it much. I've had the root account get corrupted or something and I was not able to fully recover, So I trashed the HD image and switched to a backup version.

To boot again use a simpler command without the CDROM:
<PATH TO MAME FOLDER>/mame64 ip224613 -harddisk <PATH TO MAME FOLDER>/roms/irix8gbHD.chd -window -nomaximize -resolution 1280x1024

NOTE: The CDROM drive does not appear to be useful after installation. I have not been able to install any other software.

Thanks to the genius MAME devs who have gotten the emulation to this point. It's in the very early stages but it's exciting to be able to use a system I haven't seen live in over 20years.