I'm trying to use hanimex pencil II driver, a very rare Z80 computer from 1983. Only 2 cartridges were made and another for sdbasic.
It has nearly the same hardware as a colecovision and had an expansion card to make games works without modifying them.

I had used z80dasm to have a clue of how it works, where are entry points, how things are done.

I have succeeded to know how work cartridges and now can make z80 programs to have fun.

Some z80 / tms9928 examples can be converted with a little work, i had a mandelbrot cartridge and an ascii table printed on screen.

I was about to tried some animated examples when i saw a blank screen and my pc counter stay at a halt instruction.

If i use this same example on the colecovision driver, animated sprites appeared on screen.

My guess is that the pencil2 driver doesn't handle interrupts. In fact, in pencil2.cpp there is nothing about nmi or int. I have tried to port colecovision code with a little success. PC is moving across interrupts but i have glitch on screen or nothing more. I don't know if it's the z80 code or my poorly C code.

Does anyone have tried to add some interrupts handle for pencil2 ? it would be so fun to have a new product for this computer 36 years after it's release smile
Maybe with a little explanation about how to implement interrupts i could handle it smile


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